Monday, 20 July 2009

An Enjoyable Project

The 2 images above are some more pages that I created over the past couple of weeks, again the work is pretty abstract in theme as I don't really know what I'm doing with the book as it's just a bit of fun really.

To compensate for my constant feeling of guilt for being away from university for so long I've set myself a little project; there isn't really a proper theme or brief I just really wanted to mess around with some paint/collage/drawing/old books etc so I've been manipulating the pages of a small book called 'Christmas Blessings' which features in one of my earlier blog entries. I do aim to do a lot more work than this over the summer but right now self motivation isn't my strongest quality even though doing this stuff is fun. Super fun in fact.

On a tastier and slightly irrelevant note, look at this outstanding bit of cake making. I don't think my dads birthday would have been as good if I hadn't made it.

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