Monday, 24 August 2009


So I'm attempting to create the body of work needed for the summer project. So far I've done quite a bit but there is no order, reason or clarity within any of my experiments. I'm not finding it as easy to take my work further but I think that's because I'm on my own and therefore my only critic and I hate everything.

I've been looking at the Czech film posters again for some inspiration, these 3 being my particular favourites at the moment:

I really loved the colour and layering in the 'Psycho' poster although there are a lot of elements included in the poster it doesn't look too crowded, I think the colouring helps this as the uniformity keeps it from being too much.

I liked the 'Mary Poppins' poster mainly because it's such a contrast to the film and the way the film was advertised and conveyed through Disney. I really love the jumble of different types.

The Jaws poster (bottom) I picked out because of the fragmentation, I wanted to try this for myself (see images below) again it is completely different to the Hollywood posters and is a much more creative interpretation of the film.

(2 weeks later)

These images below are a few samples of what I've done so far, I've just picked out the ones that I originally scanned in as well because I've only been working by hand/photocopier and not using the Mac at all. I'm quite pleased with the outcomes that I've produced so far but I think they're a little bit messy although they are only quick collages and none of my work is ever very polished anyway so I suppose it's just my style. As well as the Czech posters I've also been influenced by some of the Joseph Cornell collages that I've been looking at for my extended essay research.

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