Monday, 12 October 2009


Final Design

Original Design

Last week I took part in a live brief for the Elemental Opera company who are producing Benjamin Britten's 'The Rape of Lucretia' later on this year. I was actually unsuccessful but the piece that I made is still being shown at the venues which is good news and they seemed to really like my work.

I was asked to produce something 'stark and visceral' that conveyed a sense of 'high drama' using the colours red, green and white. I ended up making the poster in one day which was quite intense but I think I did quite a good job of it. I used watercolours for the background and a red ribbon as a symbol of control and death. I used photoshop to enhance all of the colours and add text. I wanted to pick out some of the background layers darker than the others to link with the personalities of the 3 male characters.

I'm disappointed that my work wasn't picked for the final design however I think I gained a lot from the brief, the quick turnover was good for me as it pushed me to use alternative methods which worked out well. I also felt comfortable expressing my ideas to the people involved with the company and I look forward to designing more work for them.

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