Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Teacup on Thomas Street part 2

After a week or so of confusion and neglect Nia and I finally returned to Teacup to finish off the window display. This time we were joined by Arron and Kat which was a big help as they did a really good job of the window above the door (and Nia helped also, I was the only one that didn't..but I am injured around the rib area so I can't reach very much). Anyway this time John wanted us to paint the logo above the door and change some of the dots into teacups, teabags etc. so I concentrated on that. We also collectively decided to put the snowy looking section at the bottom and added a few Christmas-sy looking gingerbread men to the dots to make it look more fun.

Here are some more low quality phone pictures - go to Nia's blog for better ones!

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