Saturday, 5 December 2009

Craig Oldham

Another insightful lecture about life after university; this one wasn't as scary as some of the previous talks have been but it still raised the usual panic inside of me about never being able to get a job.

Craig offered us his '12 lessons in 12 months', all of them which I was happy to listen to apart from the 6th tip about placements something which I am failing to find because I have no idea where to look due to my general confusion about myself and my work. I don't see myself as a graphic designer really because it seems like too much competitiveness and stress for my little head to handle. So anyway he basically told us that if you didn't do a placement you had no chance and if you hadn't one one by now then you were in trouble. Nice wake up call there!

The rest of the lecture was good, he kept it quite casual and that helped to get his point across about it not being the worst time in the world once you leave. One point that he continually made was that the clients, bosses, designers etc. that we could possibly be dealing with are all just PEOPLE something which I always like to remind myself in scary situations and that I need to always remember.

Craig also gave us a nice booklet to remind us of these 12 tips, here are some blurry pictures:

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