Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Primary fun! Part 2

So last Thursday Emily and I went down to the primary school in Whalley Range again, we were in for the whole day for this session and we finally got to do some creative work with the kids. We had the task of making papier mache (I am now a pro, see illustration blog) animals which are to be used during a classroom party in May as decoration. Luckily Emily and I decided to construct the basic shapes of the animals first using balloons and newspaper, I can't even imagine how long it would have taken otherwise. It was really fun though and the kids really loved the messy part with all the glue and newspaper strips although I'm a bit concerned about my communication skills as some of them still didn't understand what to do after several demonstrations..all in all though it was a very successful day and the animals look really good, I just can't wait to see what they look like after this Thursday when we're helping them paint them. I also tried to do some basic printing using sponges and potatoes to create some patterned paper to use for more decoration however this proved to be a more difficult task and wasn't quite as much of a success. I really loved working with the children though, they're enthusiasm and imagination is really inspiring.

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