Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lotte Reiniger - 'The Magic Horse'

Today I watched a beautiful animation from 1954 called 'The Magic Horse' by Lotte Reiniger; the animation was all black and white made using silhouettes which was the way that Lotte Reiniger made the majority of her animations. I loved the title as it was so delicate and the shapes, text and music were perfect for setting the scene of the story. I thought the backgrounds of each scene were fantastic, they were really simple pale grey painted buildings and trees but the silhouettes stood out really well overlaid onto them. This was a lovely piece to watch and really inspiring, I've always been interested in using silhouettes as I've seen them used in plays and other projects (some by Containerplus for Topshop) and I think they look amazing because they're so delicate and fragile looking.

The magic horse LOTTE REINIGER
Uploaded by BFIfilms. - Arts and animation videos.

courtesy of Dailymotion.com

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