Saturday, 5 December 2009


Another extra project which is exciting! Aaron Tierney, Adam Brandon and Belle Stevens set up this Christmas project based on the '12 Days of Christmas', the idea is to create a t shirt for each line of the song but using an alternative/unexpected image. I was asked to draw some foxes for '10 Lords a leaping' (something which fits quite well with Ted Baker, post about that later) so I played around with some fox drawings and came up with these:

Which Aaron then turned into this:

Which looks great! I like this drawing because of it's weird oversized head, it adds quite a nice contemporary twist to the old rhyme and the associations with it. I was really flattered by the request to take part in the project, I hope it's a success. The aim is to raise money for the degree show so BUY ONE HERE: TeeTwelve

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