Thursday, 2 April 2009

Camera = oh dear

This weekend I started my brief for Ian Anderson (it was sent off on monday afternoon) I managed to do the whole thing in 2 days. The brief was to create something that Ian would want to keep forever, my original idea was to make a ticket to the afterlife (then he would have to keep it) however I didn't think there was a way to pull it off in 2 days that would have looked striking enough. I went to the Whitworth Art Gallery on Sunday for some inspiration and did a few more pages similar to the ones in my Homebase book. I decided to do more of these types of paintings and drawings and make miniatures of them. I stored them all in a matchbox (the picture shows this). I think the piece was pretty good in the end, I labelled it as a portable/minature museum. I tried to photograph it for my portfolio and it went really wrong, all of the images came out blurry and I only realised after I'd sent it off so I'll have to try and edit the images to make them a bit clearer. I still have all the scans though (a few of them are above) I wanted the images to feel quite natural history and very organic.

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