Thursday, 30 April 2009

Some Things

Just a few things that I like that I've found recently, the top image is the cover for the 1956 version of the film, I really love the cover, I watched the film at the weekend, it was good but not as exciting as I'd hoped, I just love all of the accents of the rich English men and their clothes. I also found out that there were no balloons mentioned in the actual book which is interesting because of how often it is used in association with the book. People should refer to books not films!

The second image is by Walter Crane, I found it while researching some things by him for my journal and I just think that it's lovely.

The third image is an illustration by Amy Brown (there's a link to her blog under my photo) I picked this one because of the cats but I've been a fan of her work for a while, I just love how everything she does is fun and carefree.

The bottom two images are some cards that I found in the sale section of Paperchase, I'm not really sure what it was that I liked about them so much but they were all 20p..maybe that was what caught my eye..

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