Thursday, 30 April 2009

Some Labels

I've not posted for a little while so I need to get back into that. Today I pretty much finished my journal and I hate it because it looks like a school project so that's not great BUT I've been finishing off some Homebase tag experimentation which I'm quite pleased with. I took some photos of the samples that I stuck into my book but they're not very good quality because I had to use my phone.. I like the bottom one best, all of the others seem a bit too big considering the size of the packets but the bottom one has 2 smaller tags attached together, I'm still not sure about the type because I used my typewriter and I think that might be a bit overdone but it's the only way I could print directly onto the tag. I don't really want to do too much more for this project because I don't have time before the hand-in and I have a lot of work anyway. My new portfolio arrived today and it made my eyes go funny but it's not plastic!

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